A large part of new cars or high-quality used cars are nowadays financed by banks. This is also possible with a car loan from Zintelsbank. The bank offers car financing in two different variants. Both loans can be requested by consumers in a branch or conveniently over the internet.

Car loan from Zintelsbank – two variants are possible

Car loan from Zintelsbank - two variants are possible

Zintelsbank GmbH offers car financing in two different credit options. The first loan option is a classic installment loan. The monthly loan installments are the same throughout the loan term. At the last installment, the vehicle becomes the property of the borrower.

The second variant is a so-called balloon financing. This Zintelsbank car loan contains a higher final installment. It is advantageous that the monthly installments during the term are much lower than with a classic installment loan.

This gives the borrower more financial leeway and can save the amount for the final installment. Both loan options have advantages and disadvantages. Consumers who opt for the classic installment loan, depending on the loan amount over the entire term have a high monthly burden.

For balloon financing, the final installment must be raised. Consumers who can not afford this amount will have to re-finance the final installment with a loan.

Car loan online – the application at Zintelsbank

Car loan online - the application at Zintelsbank

Although Zintelsbank operates chain stores in major German cities, the faster route to car loans is the Internet. Consumers who want to apply for a car loan from Zintelsbank simply look up the website of the financial services provider.

Similar to comparison portals, the website has an easy-to-use loan calculator. In this calculator, the required loan amount and the intended use are entered. Consumers can choose loan amounts between 1500 and 75000 euros. During the credit periods, periods between 12 and 84 months are offered. After this input, the application will be completed.

If the applicant is suitable, the applicant will immediately receive a provisional loan commitment. For a final decision, several documents and documents are required. These include the signed loan application, two current salary statements and the account statements of the last 30 days. Foreigners who are not from the EU must have a residence permit.

For all applicants, legitimacy takes place using the post -ident procedure. After the purchase, Zintelsbank receives the registration certificate II as collateral.

The residual debt insurance – optionally available from Zintelsbank

The residual debt insurance - optionally available from Zintelsbank

For borrowers of Zintelsbank, the borrower can choose a residual debt insurance. The bank offers this insurance as a so-called carefree package. This insurance can protect the borrower and his family against financial burdens in emergencies.

There is insurance coverage for involuntary unemployment, disability and death. Depending on the agreement reached, in the case of unemployment and disability, the loan installments will be paid for the duration of the event. In the event of death, the remaining term for the loan is covered by the insurance.

Consumers should always consider whether they really need a residual debt insurance. With a long term, this remainder can lead to immense costs. In addition, Zintelsbank offers a vehicle warranty in two variants.

These are called Classic Guarantee and Guarantee Premium including Mobility Guarantee. The benefits of this insurance include, for example, cost protection for expensive repairs or hedging against consequential costs for repairs. All insurance pacts are optionally available from Zintelsbank.

Finance vehicles with a loan – a loan comparison can save you money

Finance vehicles with a loan - a loan comparison can save you money

If you want to finance your vehicle with a car loan from Zintelsbank, you can choose two different credit options. A down payment can increase the likelihood of financing and at the same time reduce the loan amount. The loan can be requested online or in a branch of Zintelsbank.

For possible financial difficulties, the bank offers a residual debt insurance. Warranty extensions are also available for a car loan from Zintelsbank. All insurance packages are optional.

Anyone who chooses to finance a motor vehicle should in any case also consider loan offers from other banks. A detailed credit comparison can save you money on long-term financing.