Being urgent credits of the small amount with immediate payment in a few minutes, it is not necessary to present guarantees or endorsements and with little paperwork to request the money since it is quick loans without payroll or endorsement in Guobank. They are currently offering credits with the same Guobank brand in Poland, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Save big and get an instant payday loan online fast

With us, you can ask for an instant payday loan online fast from 50 euros to 600 and the process and procedures are fast and very simple that you can do in just a few minutes.

If you want to request the instant payday loan online, you may read more about it here. Then click on the request a loan and a form is opened to fill in your personal information of name, surname, address, mobile phone number, your bank account number, and an email to make the communications.

Once all the data held by the finance company will give you the answer in minutes and if your request is accepted, you will be paid the money you have requested immediately. To see the money reflected in your account at the moment, you must match the bank that orders the Guobank transfer with yours. Otherwise, you will have the money in your possession the next day so it takes the transfer between banks.

Necessary requirements to ask for money in Guobank

If you have thought about asking for the quick credit at Guobank, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Age between 18 and 65 years old
  • Have Spanish nationality or be a resident of Spain
  • Be in possession of the National Identity Document or the resident card.
  • A mobile phone that is operational and with an open line

What happens if you can not pay the loan at the expiration?

It is convenient that you calculate well if you are going to be able to pay the loan principal plus your interest at the agreed maturity, otherwise the delays could be very expensive. In these cases, it is best to anticipate and request an extension to Guobank because in its conditions the possibility of requesting up to 3 extensions in case of not being able to pay is raised. What the financier asks is to pay the expenses of the previous loan in order not to increase the debt.

How do you repay the loan money plus interest?

At the agreed maturity date or 30 days, you will have to make a bank transfer to the account indicated by the Guobank company or make a cash deposit. You can also make the payment using your credit card.

If you can not pay on the scheduled date, it is best to contact the finance company urgently to explain the reasons and seek a solution or authorize an extension.