Officials, academics and civil service employees have a non-terminable employment relationship. With this status, a civil service loan can be taken without Private credit.

The Private creditprüfung is a condition with German banks. But it works without Private credit.

Without Private credit – also for civil servants

Without Private credit - also for civil servants

An official loan without Private credit does not have to be taken for a purpose. The sum is freely available to the borrower. A credit broker can help to get such a loan. These are associated with private lenders.

The application will be similar to an installment loan with Private credit. The creditworthiness is checked. The income and the employment contract must be present. Civil servants have a high income, which is secured. Thus, often very high loan amounts can be included.

Anyone who has overlooked an invoice and has already received a reminder will have a Private credit entry. This is often a reason to look for an official loan without Private credit.

Pay attention to conditions – official loan without Private credit

Pay attention to conditions - official loan without Private credit

Anyone who chooses a loan with Private credit as an official always receives very good terms. With a civil service loan without Private credit however this is different. Professional status pays off, but that does not mean that interest rates will be really low.

The interest rates are certainly more moderate than an employee, but the cost is slightly higher than a classic installment loan. Not every provider is willing to give up loan collateral. The loan amount will decide whether a salary assignment is required or not.

The loan can not be taken up only by intermediaries. Foreign countries allow officials to borrow without Private credit. However, this is very limited.

Loans from abroad

Loans from abroad

An official loan without Private credit can come from abroad. Many still know the Swiss credit. This was replaced by the bank in Liechtenstein. The Soulcredit allows officials to take out a loan. However, the sum is very limited. The sums amount to 3500 euros and 5000 euros. The highest sum is 7500 Euro. For this loan is not earmarked. In addition, the interest rate is always the same, no matter what amount is added. The term is 40 months. Since civil servants fulfill the basic requirement of income, there will be no difficulties here. There must be proof of income and employment contract. The applicant’s account is being checked. This avoids the customer having garnishments or chargebacks. In such a case, an official would not get a loan.

Expensive purchases possible – personal loan

Expensive purchases possible - personal loan

If you need more money than the Soulcredit in Liechtenstein, you should choose the personal loan. Higher sums can be recorded here. Furthermore, the terms are more flexible. To get a good offer, non-binding inquiries should be made.

There should be at least three of these offers. This can be compared realistically. Now it turns out who awards the best official loan without Private credit. But not only the interest rates are important. Those who really want to save money should be able to arrange special repayments. Not every lender allows it, so you have to ask for it.

Special repayment is possible up to three times during the term. This can save many interest. In addition, the term of the loan can be shortened significantly.

Finance new cars

Finance new cars

The official loan without Private credit can also finance a new car. Here it must be paid attention to whether the vehicle registration is to be deposited as collateral. It would be best if another person takes the loan with.

That should suffice as security for a higher sum. The prerequisite for this is of course that the second applicant also has a secured income. Furthermore, you must not have any negative features on the account statements. That would significantly lower the chance of a high loan.

A bank is only needed to pay off the loan amount and pay off the installments.