The wishes of the credit seekers when borrowing can be quite complex. Therefore, it happens again and again that a loan without private credit and credit checks is sought. Especially if the loan seeker is in serious financial difficulties and sees the loan as the last saving anchor.

No good conditions

No good conditions

A loan without private credit and credit checks is not necessarily what banks imagine when lending. They do not want to lend money to customers who have a negative private credit and thus can not prove a good credit rating. Such a constellation stands for a very high default risk. And this does not want to enter into a bank.

Anyone looking for a loan without private credit and credit checks must therefore have special reasons for doing so. On the one hand, it will be a great financial burden that forces the borrower to look for a loan on such bad terms.

On the other hand, probably also the hope that there is a financier somewhere who gets involved in the loan and the financial hardship can be alleviated without going through bankruptcy.

However, hope is usually not justified. For traditional banking houses definitely do not offer credit without a private credit and a credit check. What is left is far from serious and fair.

Loan without private credit and proof of credit – Provider

Loan without private credit and proof of credit - Provider

If you look on the Internet or in newspapers and magazines, then there are certainly offers that promise such a loan. But they are not from the established banks, but from credit intermediaries who smell the big money.

They want to earn a few euros from the plight of the loan seekers, so they make hope and are optimistic that a loan can be found without private credit and credit checks. The prospect pays for the mediator’s efforts, but then realizes he can not pull a loan out of the hat.

The money is gone and a loan is still a long way off. Anyone who embarks on such offers should therefore know from the beginning that they can not and will not work.

How are you?

How are you?

Even if it is unwise to take out a loan in a financial emergency, which actually brings no way out, the credit can be implemented without private credit and credit checks with a little luck and skill in the act. And with a serious donors and on fair terms.

The first step is to calculate how much money is really needed. If debts are to be paid off with the loan, then it is important that all debts in the loan are summarized. Only if a complete debt settlement takes place can this be successful.

Subsequently, it is about finding a solvent guarantor or second borrower for borrowing. Without this there will be no credit. Because the banks need collateral. And the second person must be able to deliver it.

Last but not least, it is about finding a reasonable monthly rate that can be paid even in the most difficult circumstances. Even if the running time is slow, you should never play too high. Dear small installments and a long term, as large installments and defaults.

What about foreign credit?

What about foreign credit?

A loan without private credit – there is still abroad. This is the opinion of many consumers and believes that the loan without a private credit and a proof of credit can easily be taken there as well. But that is not the case.

There is a loan without private credit abroad, but there is no credit without a proof of credit. Your own creditworthiness must always be proven in the form of proof of income, an employment contract and account statements. Even abroad, the banks have nothing to give away and only lend money, if this can also be repaid.